Newquay dog walking service


Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Q: What insurance does TAG ALONG have

A: TAG ALONG holds a Pet Business Insurance which includes Public Liability. . This covers any damage your dog does to another person or property whilst in the walkers charge.

Q: Can any type of dog walk with TAG ALONG?

A: All dogs independent of size or breed can join the TAG ALONG walks as long as they’re friendly and sociable.

If a dog shows serious aggression or disobedience TAG ALONG reserves the right to stop walking this dog.

Q: Does my dog need to be neutered to join the pack walks?

A: Unneutered dogs are allowed to join the the pack, as long as they don’t show any aggression towards other dogs. Bitches, whilst on heat cannot join the group walks. TAG ALONG does not accept any responsibility for any related accidents.

Q: Do the dogs need any specific vaccinations to join a pack walk with TAG ALONG

A: The dogs should have had all required vaccinations: Canine parvovirus; Canine distemper virus; Leptospirosis; Infectious canine hepatitis; Kennel cough

Although every care is taken to prevent contact with dogs with kennel cough or other contagious diseases, it is possible that a dog shows first symptoms only a couple of days after the contagion. I cannot be held responsible for any diseases your dog gets. I won't walk dogs showing any symptoms of a contagious disease.

Q: What does TAG ALONG do about dog fouling?

A: TAG ALONG always carries a dicky bag and poo bags with them to clean up after the TAG ALONG dogs

Q: What happens if my dog runs away during a TAG ALONG walk?

A: TAG ALONG cannot be held responsible for your dog running away and getting lost. Should this happen then I will of course do everything I can to find your dog and return him/her safely . All dogs must be wearing a collar and tag during the walks. TAG ALONG can provide you with a TAG ALONG tag.

Q: What happens if my dog gets injured during a TAG ALONG walk?

A: TAG ALONG is fully trained in canine first aid and any minor injuries or illnesses will be treated by us as appropriate. In case a veterinarian needs to be consulted, the owner is liable for all costs incurred. If possible I will try to contact you beforehand.

Q: When is payment due for TAG ALONG walks?

A: TAG ALONG's walking tickets are valid for three months. Payment is due on the date of the first walk.  We accept payments done by check, cash and online banking

Q: How much notice is required if I need to cancel a booked walk?

A: TAG ALONG requires 24 hour notice for a cancellation and full refund for that walk.

Q: What happens if TAG ALONG is unable to walk my dog?

A: TAG ALONG will try and  notify all customers as soon as possible if for any reason we are not able to walk your dog. We can offer an alternative local walker to walk your dog. If this is not acceptable a full refund for that walk will be given.